Saturday September 9th

 Saturday 9:00am - Parade 

Saturday 10am - Opening Ceremonies

Anthem - Peri Best

President Speech - Danna O'Donnell

Greetings from MLA Linda Larson

RDKB Speech - Roly Russel

Announce Winning Floats

Announce Highlights of Fair

Saturday 11:00am - Demolition Derby
(Time changed)

Saturday 11:00am - Belly Dance Fusion Trio: Jamie, Jordan, and Becca

Saturday 11:30am - Damien 

Saturday 12:30pm - Radio Freak (with Jonah)

Saturday 1:30pm - Nathan 

Saturday 2:30pm - The Cuthberts

Saturday 3:30pm - David Hecht


Saturday 4:30pm - Blue Wailers 

Saturday 5:30pm - Hip Sisters

 Saturday 6:00pm - John Vere

Saturday 7:00pm - Undercover Band

Saturday 8:00pm - Luminosity 

Saturday 8:30pm - Recorded Music/MC Announcements/Teardown/Exit

Sunday September 10th

Sunday 10:00am - Interdenominational Christian Service

Sunday 11:15am - The Cuthberts - Christian Music

Sunday 12:00pm - Nathan

Sunday 12:45pm - OFR - Joe Northcott

Sunday 1:30pm - Perpetual Awards, Aggregate Awards, and Closing Ceremony

Derby Details

Application and Rules Form

First $2000.00 

Second $1000.00 

Third $500.00  

Prize for best paint and powder puff

If there are any grey areas or confusion contact:

 Wes TetlockDaryl ChardCraig BeliveauPaul Whitford, or Grand Forks & District Fall Fair  

Zucchini Race - what you make

Zucchinis, used in the race, are grown by special people in secret locations.
Races will be run throughout the Fair weekend
The track is a sloped ramp 44 inches wide and 24 feet long separated into four 11-inch tracks.

Zucchini race opponents will be selected based on a number drawn
Zucchinis must have two axles and four wooden wheels
Zucchinis will be provided by the Fall Fair
Zucchini racers may bring their own decorations
Zucchinis must be decorated during the fair in the designated area\

If you raced last year please bring your wheels and axles to reuse this year.
And the Zucchini Bunny (Patricia Horz) says… "See you at the races".  Our eternal gratitude is extended to Bob McTavish, a long time Fall Fair volunteer, who built the zucchini race track.

Fall Fair Feathers to Fur (Formerly Pet for a Day)

The Fall Fair has some cages or pens; contact Danna O’Donnell at 250-444-3276 before September 1st to state your needs. You are invited to bring your animals to the Fall Fair. This could include guinea pigs, rabbits, chickens, ducks, goats, donkeys, alpacas etc.